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How 7-figure Entrepreneurs Are Saving 40+ Hours Per Week With Our Done-For-You Services!

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Our Full-Service Team Of World-Class Marketing Experts Is Here To Turn Your Business Into An “ROI Machine”- So You Can Spend More Time Running Your Business And Less Time Worrying About Launching Your Next Ad Campaign!

(It’s The Next Best Thing To Having Us As Your 7-Figure In-House Marketing Team)

Everything You Need To Scale Your Business







World-Class Results For A-List Celebrities... In 12 Months Or Less!

We partner with A-list celebrities and industry titans to package their expertise into information products.

After 10+ years of rubbing shoulders with the best of the best in online marketing, we’ve developed a proven process from start to finish. It’s efficient, effective and delivers real results.

Using our vast network of affiliates and joint ventures (plus a mix of paid acquisition and paid traffic), we’re able to drive leads for any product or service- no matter the industry.

We’ve partnered with industry titans, celebrities and global businesses to help build their brand and scale to new heights.


The original “Wolf Of Wall Street”, entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author.


Former professional boxer and boxing trainer, CEO of Mayweather PromotionsTM


Retired professional wrestler, Entrepreneur, TV personality


Retired professional wrestler, Entrepreneur, TV personality

When Industry-Leaders Want Results - They Come To Us

  • Pier 1 Imports

    Online Retailer for Home Decor & Accessories

  • Modell's

    Online Retailer for Sporting Goods & Active Apparel

  • Linens 'n Things

    Online Retailer for Home Textiles, Housewares & Decor

  • Danette May


  • RadioShack

    Online Retailer for Small Electronics & Accessories

  • Paleovalley

    Paleo Products

  • Even Health

    Nutrient Support

  • Sterling Griffin

    Fitness Business Coach

  • Eric Worre

    The #1 Network Marketing Trainer

  • Proofread Anywhere

    Proofreading Skills Courses

  • Vanessa Horabuena

    Christian Worship Artist & Performance Speed Painter

  • Burn20 | Ingrid Macher

    Global Fitness Coach

  • Nautilus

    The Science Magazine

  • Go Low

    The Performance Drinke

  • Alicia Streger

    CEO Of FitPro

  • Niyc Pidgeon

    Business Mentor

  • Zendrop

    Dropshipping App For Accelerated Growth

  • Franklin Mint

    Online Retailer for Coins, Unique Gifts & Collectibles

  • Games Of Genius

    Educational Games For Kids

  • Organixx


  • Eric Raum

    CEO of LexaPure

  • Ample

    Natural Meal Replacements

  • Renaissance Periodization

    Global Success Coach

  • Jonathan Otto


  • Akia Hardnett

    Multi-Million Dollar Mentor And Strategist

  • The Thompson Method

    Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

  • Authentic Empire

    A Renowned Record Label

  • 1AND1 Life

    The Comprehensive Mental Health And Wellness Platform

  • White Awakening

    This Leadership Growth Curriculum

  • Legacy Creator

    Global Success Coaching


Performance You Can Trust

Stop playing the guessing game and get down to business!

We believe in knowing the numbers, tracking the data and getting PROVEN, repeatable results you can actually SEE.

We use tried-and-true methods to test a range of ads, sales pages and strategies FAST (so we can focus on scaling the WINNING angle- without wasting thousands of $$$ and months of precious time).

Plus, we’re fully transparent about our results. When you work with us, you’ll receive weekly reports and performance metrics- so you’re never left in the dark!


Your Full-Service Marketing Agency

Your Full-Service Marketing Agency

Hiring an in-house marketing team can be tough- not only are you spending thousands of $ each month, but you have to find the RIGHT talent, manage your team and constantly monitor performance.

(And handling every single project through freelancers can cause delays that drag on for MONTHS!)

That’s where we come in. 

As your full-service agency, we’ll handle everything from campaign strategy to integration- for a smooth, streamlined process that gets results!


Game-Changing Results

  • Sucessful Launch + Over 40,000 Leads!

    “They are fantastic. They are faithful geniuses…he has an incredible team that can help you with many aspects of your business, including your sales copy, landing pages…the entire team is SO dynamic.”

    - Isa, PelvicPainRelief.com

  • 400% Boost in Leads

    “The best marketing agency experience I've ever had…I've never worked with a company that truly CARES about their clients in the way that I've seen Rudy care…hire Rudy right now!”

    - Sterling, LifeChanger Academy

  • Fantastic Work with Facebook Ads!

    “We've had fantastic work on the Facebook ads side from Rudy and his team…and they've been killing it for us with sales page copy, design and coding.”

    - Spencer, Microbe Formulas

  • Help You Build a Business Better than You Can Do On Your Own!

    “Our goal was to try and do $100K in 24 hours. Rudy and his team help build a business for you, bigger than what you could do on your own. They never miss a phone call, never miss a beat.”

    - Mike, Coffee Over Cardio

  • Biggest Month in the History of Our Company!

    “In less than 30 days of being with the ROI team, we had the biggest month in the history of our company… I can't tell you how relieved I am to have the best of the best on my team…”

    - Christina, Beautiful Disaster

  • ROI Within the First Few Months!

    “So in the first few months of working with Rudy and the team, we generated a massive return on ad spend on our webinar funnel…they've been absolutely awesome to work with…Rudy's team are awesome communicators, a really great bunch of people, and they get things done.”

    - Niyc, Success Coach

  • They Do Everything, 3X Faster

    “These guys have been a huge help to us. It's basically like hiring an additional marketing team…you have an entire crew…they all work really well together so things get done faster…we're about to launch funnels about 3x faster.”

    - Eric, Lexapure Nutrition

  • Made a Drastic Impact to My Business!

    “The drastic changes on my business have already been massive…Facebook ads, funnels, lead generation, upselling, all of these things I've worked with over the last 6 months with Rudy.”

    - Dr. Chris Spearman

  • They Take On ALL the Work for You!

    “You don't really have to do anything at all because they take on all the work for you…he [Rudy] does such a good job of taking care of everyone that he works with.”

    - Lauren

  • Don't Hire Rudy for Your Ads

    “What I love about Rudy is not only does he understand how to acquire new leads and clients for your business, he's actually done it himself…He's always adding value, always looking for ways to make the pie bigger, not just take his slice.”

    - Yuri

  • Unprecedented Results & 60,000 Leads Per Month

    “The numbers have been super impressive…we're doing $7M annually so it's helpful to have the right people to make things work…they are bringing us in about 15,000 leads a week with our docuseries…these guys are crushing it!”

    - Jonathan, Health Secrets

  • Over 400% Growth in 3 Months!

    “They scaled us to be 4x bigger within the first few months…very impressive result and it's just a lot more than just marketing…the copy they come up, the creative content ideas, the funnel ideas and frankly the business advice too… I would recommend them to everybody!”

    - Ishan, Decibel Hearing Aids

  • Mastered My Voice & Scaled My Brand - The Best Agency Experience Ever

    “Their ability to nail my message, from Day 1, the very first ad they made for me was better than any ad I've ever had for any of my programs or products…everything they've done so far has been the best experience.”

    - Aaron, AthleteX

  • First Agency to Scale to Cold Traffic

    “Those guys were absolutely crushing it for us and our business running Facebook ads… they're constantly testing new stuff and getting new stuff out there. It's only been a few months but we're seeing a positive ROI week after week after week.”

    - Jonathan, Organixx


ROI Machines was founded by Rudy Mawer, an established international entrepreneur and expert marketer who has successfully built several multi-million dollar businesses.

ROI Machines is now comprised of an elite marketing team that works behind the scenes for many of the top brands, celebrities, and authority figures you see on a daily basis. We help our clients reach their maximum potential by creating and optimizing launches, FacebookTM ads, and full funnels.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each client receives personalized attention to help them maximize their ROI.

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing, which is why we work diligently to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to create comprehensive strategies specifically designed for your business needs- no matter where you are on your business journey.

Ready to work with us?


Data-Driven Creatives

Facebook Ads


Shopify Stores

  • Burn20

  • Akia Hardnett

  • Go Low Shot

  • Gold Cosmetics

  • Sinofresh

Meet Your Full-Service Marketing Team

Rudy M.


Carl B.

Sales And Operations Expert

Farida E.

Project Manager

Selina R.

Project Manager

Simone R.

Marketing Strategist & Senior Copywriter

Viktoria K.

Head of Design

Steve C.

Head of Integrations

Humayun M.

Media Buyer

Chris M.

Head of Proofreading

Sagar K.

Web Designer

Usman A.

Web Developer

Barry W.

Media Buyer

Kyle E.

Video Editor
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